Professionalizing Apprenticeship

Which companies are held to activate the course for their own apprentices?
All the companies that have workers employed with a contract of professionalizing apprenticeship, from January 1, 2018 are held to enroll within a month from the assumption the apprentices to the relevant formative offer, choosing the formative agency between those accredited to Umbria Region. The company can choose, thanks to the sheet here attached, to which path and to which specific contents is interested for everyone of its apprentices and the preferred location where the course will be carried out.

How long is the training?
The duration of the base formation is transversal and is differentiated depending on the qualification of the apprentice at the moment of the assumption:

  • for the apprentices without any qualification or with a primary or middle school degree: 120 hours of formation (40 hours yearly for 3 years);
  • for the apprentices with an high school diploma or with a professional qualification or with a certificate of specialization IFTS: 80 hours of formation (40 hours the first year, 24 hours the second and 16 hours the third);
  • for the apprentices with a university degree or other advanced titles: 40 hours of formation (24 hours the first year, 8 hours the second and 8 hours the third)

Who are the courses for?
All the apprentices employed from January 1, 2018 will have to attend all the three annuities of the path. For the apprentices employed before January 1, 2018 the formation is obligatory only for the residual annuities (if the apprentice is in his second contract year must only attend the first and second annuity; if he is in his third contract year will have to only attend the first annuity).