Professional training

From the analysis of requirements to the guideline until the provision of training courses finalized to the update of workers or to the qualification of those who are looking for a job.
Tatics plans and realizes training courses for the companies specific requirements, in response to the demands and evolutions of job market.

Free formation for companies with Interprofessional funds

Tatics Group supports the adherent companies to Fon.Ter in the organisation of their training courses and formative projects and in their realization, handling the elaboration and sending requests for financing, the monitoring of the evaluation and approval phases, the organization of the courses, their management from the didactic, administrative and accounting point of view.

Professionalizing apprenticeship

All the companies that have workers employed with a contract of professionalizing apprenticeship, from January 1, 2018 are held to enroll within a month from the assumption the apprentices to the relevant formative offer, choosing the formative agency between those accredited to Umbria Region.

Extracurricular trainings

The companies with operating center in the Umbria Region have the possibility to activate an extracurricular training with an unemployed person with the support of the Master School, agency of the Tatics group, as a promoter. Master School is accredited for starting and for managing of the extracurricular trainings.

Formation financed with the European Social Fund

Tatics Academy

TATICS ACADEMY is born from a history made of experience and competency, from the solidity of an active team of professionals in the field of the formation from more than twenty years, from the collaborations with prestigious Italian and international companies