Professional Training for Companies

What is Fon.Ter?
Fon.Ter is the Interprofessional Fund for the Continuous Training of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) employees. It is characterized by a numerous presence of micro and small enterprises, both in the commerce sector, tourism and tertiary, as well as in manufacturing fields and services to the enterprises and to persons. By joining Fon.Ter it is possible for companies to receive financings for the formation of their own workers and thus increase their competitiveness.
Fon.Ter supports the enterprises and the workers financing the realization of skills development paths, in close relation to the requirements of the adherent companies, in support of the competitiveness, of the innovation and quality employment.
With Fon.Ter it is possible to realize courses on any argument or subject of interest for companies and workers.

How to join Fon.Ter?
For being able to realize free of charge training courses, the companies must join Fon.Ter.
The adhesion can be carried out at any moment of the year, communicating it to INPS, through the procedure of the Uniemens data flow, that has replaced computerized model DM 10/2. It allows the company to communicate to INPS the contributive and retributive data of its own employees.
In the communication it is necessary to indicate the number of employees subjected to the contribution of 0,30%, using the access code “FTUS”.
Afterwards, the adhesion will be tacitly renewed, until the eventual revocation.

How to pass to Fon.Ter from another fund
The company that is currently enrolled to another interprofessional fund and wants to pass to Fon.Ter fund must indicate in the Uniemens model the revocation from the previous fund, writing first “REVO” and then “FTUS”. Changing fund, the company can transfer to the new fund the 70% of the total of the sums arrived at the previous fund in the last three years, net of what eventually already used for the financing of its formative plans.

How much does it cost to join Fon.Ter?
Joining is free. It is sufficient to assign to Fon.Ter a part of the obligatory contribution for involuntary unemployment (that the enterprises already pay anyway every month to INPS), communicating such adhesion through the Uniemens model compiled monthly from the job consultant.

Tatics Group and Fon.Ter
Tatics Group supports the adherent companies to Fon.Ter in the organisation of their training courses and formative projects and in their realization, handling the elaboration and sending requests for financing, the monitoring of the evaluation and approval phases, the organization of the courses, their management from the didactic, administrative and accounting point of view.