GDPR & Privacy

Starting from May 25, 2018, the UE Regulation 2016/679, is directly applicable in all the Member States, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) relative to the protection of the natural persons with regard to processing and to free circulation of personal data.
The GDPR is born from precise requirements of legal certainty, harmonization and the greater simplicity of norms regarding the transfer of personal data from the EU towards others parts of the world. It is an answer, necessary and urgent, to the challenges placed from the technological developments and the new models of economic increase, taking into consideration the requirements of protection of the personal data more and more perceived by the citizens UE.
The advisers of Tatics, thanks to the pluriennale experience, support the enterprises and the professionals in the creation of an organized system of data protection, protecting entrepreneurs and companies from penal or administrative endorsements deriving from a wrong management of the internal or external data flows of the enterprise and its net of dependent, customers, suppliers and advisors.

What we do

Preliminary analysis finalized to map process of data treatment in order to identify the main areas of risk
Specific business risk analysis and definition of the suitable security measures
Review of the organizational privacy system in order to redefine roles, tasks and duties of the subjects involved in the data flows
Editing of the registry of the treatments and introduction of the procedures of management and control of flows, as well as information and nominations editing
Formative and technical support to the company staff
Compliance with connected normative (video surveillance, websites,..)