Extracurricular Trainings

The companies with operating center in the Umbria Region have the possibility to activate an extracurricular training with an unemployed person with the support of the Master School, agency of the Tatics group, as a promoter. Master School is accredited for starting and for managing of the extracurricular trainings.
The minimal duration of a training is 2 months.
For host structures acting seasonally, the minimal duration is 1 month; for summer trainings the minimal duration is 14 days.
The maximum duration of a training can be:

  • 6 months for the trainings activated with unemployed subjects, workers beneficiaries of income support during their constant employment, subjects employed looking for another occupation
  • 12 months for the trainings activated with disabled and which disadvantaged subjects
  • 3 months for the trainings activated with students (summer trainings)

The number of trainings that can be activated at the same time changes in relation to the number of fixed-term and permanent employees occupied in the operating unit center of the training:

  • from 0 to 5 employees: 1 trainee
  • from 6 to 20 employees: 2 trainees
  • more than 20 employees: trainees up to 10% of the total of the employees.
    The minimal monthly salary that the company must correspond to the trainee is € 450,00.


For being able to host an extracurricular training the company must:

  • to be in compliance with health legislation and safety on the job places and with the legislation on the right to work of persons with disabilities
  • to be in compliance with the application of contracts and the collective labour agreements
  • not to have in course in the same operating unit procedures of CIGS that regard workers who carry out equivalent activity to those previewed for the beginners
  • not to have carried out, in the same operating unit and in the 12 months preceding to the activation of the training, layoffs for justified objective reason, collective layoffs, layoffs for overcoming of the test period, layoffs for lacked overcoming the test period, layoffs for end of contract, lacked continuation of apprenticeship relations for will of the employer
  • not to be in the presence of competitive procedures and not to find itself in phase of cessation
  • not to accommodate the beginner in order to replace staff with fixed-term contract, workers subordinated in the periods of peak of the activities, staff in the periods of disease, maternity or vacation
  • non aver mai ospitato il tirocinante per lo svolgimento di un tirocinio extracurriculare
  • have never hosted the beginner for the development of a extracurricular training

The extracurricular trainings financed from the Umbriattiva program
Master School is a promoter accredited for the activation of extracurricular trainings financed within the Umbriattiva program Young/Adults of the Umbria Region and is therefore available to follow the companies in all the phases of application, start, management and conclusion of the training. The program finances trainings of the duration of 6 months near the companies of the territory, corresponding directly to the beginners a salary of € 300,00 (for trainings with a weekly number of hours comprised between 20 and 24 hours), of € 400,00 (for trainings with a weekly number of hours comprised between 25 and 30 hours), or of € 500,00 (for trainings with a weekly numbers of hours comprised between the 31 and 40 hours). The unemployed subjects that are joined the Program can be hosted for a period of training.