Business marketing

In order to communicate the right message, to the right persons, at the right time it is necessary to plan the communication process and to entrust it to a team of professionals that defines the objectives to reach, the target to involve, the means to employ.
Tatics studies the activity in order to tell to the public on line planning attractive websites for the visitors, realizing with a team of web and copy developers, experts of visual identity, strategies of INBOUND MARKETING heading to attract the interest of persons towards products and services, supplying interesting and useful contents for the reference target.
Thanks to the acquaintance of platforms social (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Clubhouse) will be developed strategies of Social Media Marketing, today unavoidable for any company, in order to generate quality traffic and to create a net of persons really interested to your brand and to transform the contacts in customers, planning the presence on line, and realizing aimed and effective campaigns of communication.
The Tatics creative team takes care also to realize strategies of digital storytelling that tell the spirit and the values of the company, and visual identity by studying the graphics of logos, posters, brochures, product packaging, graphic realization and planning of advertising materials online and offline.

What we do

Copy strategy, creative project and media planning
Choice of the mass media
Monitoring of the web page and report with Google Analytics
Construction of the map of company values ​​and promotion through photos and videos
Planning of the structure of the website in more languages and navigation menu with CMS
Analysis of scenario, definition of the objectives, identification of the target
Elaboration and implementation of plans of Medium Social Marketing consistent with the company goals
Management of the social profile with assistance and formation on the management of the business pages
Construction of the map of the business values and promotion by means of photo and video